Fuck Your Pool

Leya Falcon‘s husband keeps getting on her ass to clean the pool, when all she wants to do is relax and enjoy the nice weather. Eventually, she gets so sick of it that she calls over her friend Clover to come and help her fuck up his pool. He brings over a baseball bat, but that’s not the bat she’s interested in, so she whips out his fat cock and starts sucking it like it’s made of candy! He eats her wet pussy until she squirts all over her husband’s precious pool, then he shoves his dick into her tight little asshole! The busty blonde loves that hard dick in her ass so much that she squirts again and again! But what will her husband say?

Fuck Your Pool starring Leya Falcon

You're Goin' Down

The debate finals at the Academy are always fierce, especially when they’re talking about hot topics like sex education. Leya Falcon‘s opponent starts hitting below the belt, so she’s got to fight back. Seth may think he knows it all, but he’s never fucked a sweet piece of ass like Leya. She whips out her big tits and rides him until she squirts all over the stage.

You're Goin' Down starring Leya Falcon

Squirting Lesson

Wet outside, moist inside. All fluids. Sweat, water, spit, semen and squirt equally mixed as liquids of similar density. In the middle Leya Falcon, a private and personal wetshirt contest, a bath of submission and desire, unlimited orgasms culminated with a massive load to replenish fluids.

Squirting Lesson starring Leya Falcon

The Man, The Maiden and the Maid

Leya Falcon is a sweet mild-mannered maid working for a couple of rich wealthy psychos, James and Riley Evans. James wants Leya to ensure that Riley dresses appropriately for his birthday luncheon. When Riley disobeys him, James puts his foot down and decides to teach both women that going against him in his own house comes with consequences. He’s the master of the house and all those in it, and he’ll prove it, even if he has to punish Riley and Leya by fucking their brains out at the same time.

Gorgeous Stripper Chick Can’t Stop Squirting

Leya Falcon is a squirter’s paradise. Seriously, this blond stripper chick can’t get fingered, or fucked for too long before screaming suddenly and wetting herself. She shows up on set wearing the sluttiest fuck-me boots ever. Leya pops her shirt off to reveal some giant-ass, comic book tits! Her male talent pleasures her cunt for like 60 seconds and Leya yanks out his fingers, arches her back, screams and presto, there’s a puddle of her cum on the couch. This insatiable chick then gets a stiff tit-fuck, then finally gets her munch box hammered. Leya is a natural born squirter. I lost count after six!

Squirt And Creampie Extravaganza

Leya Falcon is a super hot blonde whose smoking body is only outdone by the fact that she’s absolutely insane in bed. She went off on Mike, rode him like a wild bronco, and squirted all over his junk. A lot! I don’t know about you guys, but that shit drives us up a wall. Love it! Anyway, if you guys like wild fucking, super squirters and creampie jizz flinging, then feast your eyes on Leya Falcon. Enjoy!

Movie Theatre Whore

Leya Falcon is a southern pumpkin who is new to the big cold city. She has been swindled, exploited and pushed to her limits. On her last 5 dollars, she decides to catch a late night flick, only to find herself surrounded by a gang of rowdy perverts. Once Johnny strolls in and helps her in warding them off by posing as her boyfriend, she finally shows her gratitude by offering a deal on her tits in order to make some quick cash.

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